THE MAN WHO – Canadian Caring Rockers On A Rat Race On New Single ‘MONEY’

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10 February 2022

Who: Indie rockers from Toronto, Canada.
They took their name from a quote by American
essayist/abolitionist/poet Ralph Waldo Emerson :
“The world makes way for the man who knows where he’s going.”

New single: MONEY

“Without trying to get too political, “Money” is a snapshot of how it feels to live in a capitalistic society. It’s from the perspective of the many, not the few. Sometimes it can feel like we’re all in a rat race to nowhere. Being distracted by the latest tech gadget or fad online, while the few get richer and richer, and the global divide in wealth gets bigger. It’s about the diminishing middle class and the question of where is it all heading?”

The single’s artwork is a visual representation of the unattainable dream. We’re all striving to reach a plateau but with every step forward we subconsciously kick the goal post a little further.

Turn Up The Volume: Balancing between the sturdy blues-rock tandem The Black Keys
and the emo side of former grunge giants Soundgarden, ‘Money’ grooves from reflective verses to the perfervid passion of the caustic chorus and back. The ardor goes through
the roof, the message is loud and clear: to hell with all capitalist devils and their ruthless consortiums. Now!

Feel the heat here…

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1 December 2020

A couple of weeks ago a JIMI HENDRIX documentary called Music, Money, Madness… Jimi Hendrix in Maui saw the day of light. It’s the incredible story of a gig by the late genial sound-breaking guitarist, in front of a few hundred spectators, on a windy cow
farm, next to a volcano, on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

A pretty special picture/video/Blu-ray according to British music magazine UNCUT: “Directed by John McDermott, Music, Money, Madness – Jimi Hendrix Experience Live In
Maui attempts to unpick a wild tale with the help of a tremendous batch of interviewees.”

All details and full review here.

Here’s the cool trailer

Together with the video/ Blu-ray version a package Live In Maui – a 2 CD set or 3 LP set
is included, featuring Hendrix, Billy Cox, and Mitch Mitchell at the height of their playing powers, newly restored and mixed by longtime Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer. You
can buy all the stuff here.


PARTY FEARS Launched Brand New Uppercut Single – Here’s ‘MONEY’…

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15 December 2019

PARTY FEARS is an international duo consisting of Northern Irish-native Maggie Devlin
and Berlin musician Eilis Frawley. After their 2017 self-titled debut LP they focused on writing new singles. At the end of last year they launched snappy cut ‘Sun King II’ and
last October saw the release of racy ripper OK. No Problem’

And here’s their new one called ‘MONEY‘. A swirling uppercut about money being the immoral cause of many social and mental problems many of us experience. The thrilling pair never sounded so punky, so dark and so sharp. This hot-tempered blowup is a sonic middle finger to capitalism, an attack on corporate and political swindle. Fierce stroke!

Feel the fervent glow right here…


THE PLASTIC ONO BAND Played The Infamous Rock & Roll Revival Show in Toronto 50 Years Ago Today…


13 September 2019


50 years ago this day, on 13 September 1969, a couple of weeks after the infamous Woodstock Festival  the ‘Toronto Rock’n’Roll Revival’ festival was organised. It was 
held at Varsity Stadium, at the University of Toronto, before an audience of over 20,000. The originally listed performers for the festival were among others: Whiskey HowlBo DiddleyChicagoJunior Walker and the All StarsTony Joe WhiteAlice CooperChuck BerryCat Mother and the All Night News BoysJerry Lee LewisGene VincentLittle RichardDoug Kershaw, and the fabulous The Doors.

At the last minute John Lennon  & Yoko Ono with their Plastic Ono Band featuring
Klaus VoormannAlan White, and Eric Clapton,  were announced and gave this festival a legendary status. Because of lack of decent rehearsals ahead of it and a lousy soundcheck minutes before the gig it’s a wonder that the band still managed to leave a iconic rough rock and crude roll mark (thanks mostly to John Lennon‘s highly committed and expressive presence).

Some journalists thought the POB sounded to messy! Oh yes they bloody did in a glorious rusty way. Check 4 of their handful raw performances of that night here…

(first ever live rendition)

(from ‘The White Album’)

(song written and recorded by Larry Williams in 1958
but a live classic on The Beatles early gigs)

(A Janie Bradford / Berry Gordy cover)