Scary Reality Grimness – PROTOMARTYR Launched Their Fifth Abum ‘ULTIMATE SUCCESS TODAY’

17 July 2020

Band: Protomartyr (Detroit, US)
Album: Ultimate Success Today – fifth LP
Released: 10 July 2020
Info: ‘Ultimate Success Today’ is the band’s fifth album. Following the release of Relatives In Descent, the band’s critically acclaimed headlong dive into the morass of American life in 2017, Ultimate Success Today continues to further expand the possibilities of what a Protomartyr album can sound like.

The Guardian says: “With stadium rock riffs and saxophone over lyrics about riots and respirators, the Detroit post-punks are the soundtrack of an uncertain future… They’re capable of unleashing pulverising guitar noise, but they’re not reliant on it. The music sounds affectingly ragged and drained – emotions that again feel perfect for the current moment – while the lyrics flip-flop between something approaching faint optimism (“hope you walk through life with a smile”) and something darker and dejected: “Remember me, how I lived / I was frightened, always frightened.” It’s music for uncertain times, something Protomartyr seem to be almost eerily skilled at producing.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Key phrase: “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”George Orwell

Singles: Processed by The Boys / Worm In Heaven / Michigan Hammers




Full album…


(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Misfits PROTOMARTYR Announce New LP And Share Wry Single ‘PROCESSED BY THE BOYS’…

New sonic impulses

12 March 2020

(photo Turn Up The Volume!)

Detroit’s post-punk misfits PROTOMARTYR announced new album ‘ULTIMATE SUCCESS TODAY’, out in May. Frontman and full-time cynical  world observer Joe Casey says about their fifth record “a possible valediction of some confusingly loud five-act play.”

Here’s lead single ‘PROCESSED BY THE BOYS’. A brutal jackhammer, a slow-mo ebullition with a wall-of-pounding hubbub backing Casey’s drunken voice tackling humanity in his own razor-sharp way. The video (below) was influence by Brazilian TV footage the band seems to become obsessed with…


New album ‘ULTIMATE SUCCESS TODAY’ out 29th May – all info here

PROTOMARTYR – Detroit’s Acrimonious Noise Quartet Repeating Themselves In Belgium…

PROTOMARTYR – De Kreun, Kortrijk, Belgium – 3 May 2018

Last Thursday the Detroit noise-drone-rockers PROTOMARTYR landed in Belgium for the second time in 6 months as part of their endless tour to promote their fourth, barbed
wire album titled ‘Relatives in Descent’. A roaring and intriguing record for those who never heard of the band. A familiar experience – sonically and lyrically – for dedicated followers like me. Live things get also predictable with frontman/songwriter Joe Casey in the middle of the grey picture. Bringing his best friends, 4 bottles of beer, along in the pockets of his old-fashioned bookkeeper’s costume is beginning to look as a gimmick. On the other hand Casey‘s barking, sneering, moaning vox expressing his discontent with this troubled planet and life in general still pierces your ear-system in a stirring way. But in the end, even with
a couple of new songs (sounding like the old ones actually) the band played, the overall impression was one of ‘I heard/saw this all before too much‘. Time for a beer…

Barking, sneering, spitting, moaning

Another thirsty performance

Newest album ‘Relatives In Descent’

PROTOMARTYR: Facebook Website

(pics: by flashing JL/Turn Up The Volume!)