Make Way For Detroit Misfits PROTOMARTYR

Daily noise that works faster than a gallon of caffeine

8 March 2023

Frontman Joe Casey – Photo by Turn Up The Volume

Detroit‘s post-punk misfits PROTOMARTYR are back and ready to unleash their new, 6th LP named FORMAL GROWTH IN THE DESERT. It lands on June 2. Pre-order info here.

The album’s stunning artwork


01 “Make Way”
02 “For Tomorrow”
03 “Elimination Dances”
04 “Fun In Hi Skool”
05 “Let’s Tip The Creator”
06 “Graft Vs. Host”
07 “3800 Tigers”
08 “Polacrilex Kid”
09 “Fulfillment Center”
10 “We Know The Rats”
11 “The Author”
12 “Rain Garden”

The first single called MAKE WAY is a quiet/Loud/quiet rollercoaster.
Every time you think that frontman
Joe Casey will explode he comes down again.

Make way for Protomartyr.

Protomartyr: Facebook – Instagram

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