PROTOMARTYR – Detroit’s Acrimonious Noise Quartet Repeating Themselves In Belgium…

PROTOMARTYR – De Kreun, Kortrijk, Belgium – 3 May 2018

Last Thursday the Detroit noise-drone-rockers PROTOMARTYR landed in Belgium for the second time in 6 months as part of their endless tour to promote their fourth, barbed
wire album titled ‘Relatives in Descent’. A roaring and intriguing record for those who never heard of the band. A familiar experience – sonically and lyrically – for dedicated followers like me. Live things get also predictable with frontman/songwriter Joe Casey in the middle of the grey picture. Bringing his best friends, 4 bottles of beer, along in the pockets of his old-fashioned bookkeeper’s costume is beginning to look as a gimmick. On the other hand Casey‘s barking, sneering, moaning vox expressing his discontent with this troubled planet and life in general still pierces your ear-system in a stirring way. But in the end, even with
a couple of new songs (sounding like the old ones actually) the band played, the overall impression was one of ‘I heard/saw this all before too much‘. Time for a beer…

Barking, sneering, spitting, moaning

Another thirsty performance

Newest album ‘Relatives In Descent’

PROTOMARTYR: Facebook Website

(pics: by flashing JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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