Indie Outfit SILENT FORUM Color Summer With Sparkling Pop Gem ‘TREAT YOURSELF’

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Photo By Bethan Miller

Who: Indie outfit from Wales.


“It’s their most unashamedly poppy single to date. Treat Yourself is a mixture of
revealing, uncomfortable lyrics paired with animated, uplifting pop instrumentation.
You can hear the band having a great time playing around in much poppier territory
than they are used to – this is as bubblegum as they’re ever going to get.”

TUTV: Treat Yourself is all a catchy pop-ular gem is about. It’s lively and sprightly
and has your hungry ears’ attention from the get-go. Tantalizing tunes like this one
are always welcome on my headphones. It feels like summer, it tastes like Piña colada,
it causes a holiday mood. Top melody, shiny guitars, drum/bass beats, zestful vocals/harmonies and a solid gold sing-along chorus. Bingo!

“Why don’t you treat yourself to a little self love
You matter, you matter so much
You don’t matter, you matter”.


SF: Facebook – Instagram

Flamboyant Debut Album ‘EVERYTHING SOLVED AT ONCE’ By Welsh Outfit SILENT FORUM…

16 April 2020

Welsh post alt-funk rockers SILENT FORUM released their flamboyant debut album ‘EVERYTHING SOLVED AT ONCE’ last December. A vibrant piece of amplified work with, just like their outfits, a kaleidoscopic variety of glimmering guitar pop extravaganza.

This electric-powered band produces a vitalizing sonorousness that ranges from funky
to punky, catchy to haunting, from groovy to hypnotizing. Lyrically they criticize social discrimination and dreadful human injustices. A must-hear band indeed.

Stream/purchase album here…


– SPIN –


SILENT FORUM: Facebook –  Track by Track Guide

SILENT FORUM Shares Another Feverish Cut From Their Upcoming Debut LP – Here’s ‘A POP ACT’…

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12 November 2019

(photo: The Shoot)

Finally, in a couple of weeks, on 6 December, Welsh titillating rockers SILENT FORUM
will release their debut album EVERYTHING SOLVED AT ONCE. Ahead of it the band revealed another new cut of the upcoming longplayer. ‘A POP ACTis a tongue-in-cheek response from the band to a DJ who called them too serious.“.

If writing captivating, emotive and bewitching songs, driven by spellbinding guitar layers and affecting vocals bringing Jeff Buckley‘s feverish vox to mind, is too serious then I’ll listen only to too serious music in the future anymore, starting here and now…


Debut album EVERYTHING SOLVED AT ONCE out 6 December – all info here

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For OCTOBER 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A fervid fusion of clashing crackers and boisterous bangers!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout October Team

1. ‘Hungry Baby’ by KIM GORDON (New York, NY, US)
Formidable blast with a mind-boggling impact. From new solo LP ‘No Home Record’.

2. ‘Couch Combover’ by GIRL BAND (Ireland)
Cutting chainsaw turbulence that’ll do your head in. From new album ‘The Talkies’.

3. ‘Trash Talk’ by LAZYBONES (Brighton, UK)
Unstoppable blustery ferocity that will pump up your bloodstream’s flow. Bloody hell yeah!

4. ‘Think Less’ by THANK (Leeds, UK)
A volcanic blowup build around an incessant, head-spinning, percussive bass riff. Nasty!

5. ‘Modern Romance’ by ANIMAL HOUSE (Brighton, UK)
A sickly sticky snorter that rushes and thunders like a high-speed train on the run…

6. ‘Spin’ by SILENT FORUM (Wales)
Crepitating post punk guitar stunner. Think PIL’s Keith Levene & Gang Of Four! Stunning!

7. ‘Spirit’ by RICHES (Canada)
Trippy and spaced-out rhythms and an electronic vitality creating a trance-like energy!

8. ‘Time Bomb Sounds’ by THE LOCALS (Chicago, US)
A mixed emotions corker resonating gloriously rapturous and exultantly epic. Top stroke!

9. ‘Moonlight’ by KILL CHICAGO (Canada)
Smoking groove, glowing guitars, storytelling vocals and a 88 students choir! Hallelujah!

10. ‘Disco Peanuts’ by WARMDUSCHER (London, UK)
Funky stomper for all misfits out there who want to freak out on a basement dance floor…

11. ‘Two Sense’ by THYLA (Brighton, UK)
Terrifically powerful crackerjack with a towering impact on your aural radar! Damn right!

All knockouts together on Spotify…

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See/hear you next month, music junkies…

Welsh Foursome SILENT FORUM Shared New Track/Clip ‘SPIN’ From Upcoming Debut LP…

1 October 2019

Turn Up The Volume featured thrilling Welsh 4-piece SILENT FORUM several times before as this adventurous outfit excelled with several stirring tracks, over the past two years, that triggered our aural inquisitiveness.

Finally, the band announced their debut album, titled ‘EVERYTHING SOLVED AT ONCE
a few weeks ago. It will be out on 6 December via Libertino. Ahead of it here’s newest single ‘SPIN‘. A most riveting and multi-faceted piece of stupefying sonorousness mostly because of its impressive guitar turbulence bringing the metallic play of former Public Image Ltd. guitarist Keith Levene and Gang Of Four‘s crepitating snappiness to mind. Add Richard Wiggins‘ haunting vocals and what you get is an astonishing stroke of chilling tempestuousness. Top stroke!

Catch the fever right here…


Welsh Foursome SILENT FORUM Moves With New Troubled Reflection – Here’s ‘SAFETY IN NUMBERS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 April 2019

(photo via artist SILENT FORUM – press)

Welsh quartet SILENT FORUM keeps on coming up with stirring stuff. After their
2017 debut album Sanctuary+ followed by two significant singles the foursome
just shared another momentous track.

New cut SAFETY IN NUMBERS “expresses the importance of looking after your friends.
Our relationships are the most meaningful thing we can achieve in life”
. But it feels like we do not care enough about each other in the end as the song’s tone is darkish, doubtful and insecure and the music’s timbre is melancholic, contemplative and poignant, confirming once again that the human battle for attention isn’t an easy one. Silent Forum translates that well-known feeling perfectly well the way New York‘s gloomy rockers Interpol do it sonically for some time now. This heartfelt reflection proves that this band is in touch
with our troubled, selfish reality. Capture the mixed emotions right here…


SAFETY IN NUMBERS – out 10th May

Fervid Welsh Outfit SILENT FORUM Goes Funky On New Single ‘ROBOT’…

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9 November 2018

After the highly infectious ‘How I Faked The Moon Landing‘ single back in July, Welsh rockers SILENT FORUM are back with a new one from their upcoming debut LP. ROBOT
is about a disgruntled office worker and sounds like he/she is about to have a nervous breakdown, but one you can go gaga to. Absolutely, this fresh stroke rattles and rumbles in a way you’ll have no control over your body anymore. The funky combination of early Talking Heads rush and Big Country guitars inject Robot with a stimulant dose of adrenalin enough to activate your bloodstream and make you jump on your desk for a caffeine-induced dance. Check the heat out right here…

SILENT FORUM: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

ROBOT – out digitally on 7th December via Libertino Records

Welsh Rockers ‘SILENT FORUM’ Reveal How They Faked The Moon Landing On Their New Infectious Single…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


Who: Welsh indie rockers who’s original line-up
was named ‘How I Faked the Moon Landing

From previous band name to brand new single title…

Score: This is a terrific score. An adventurous and highly infectious 6-minutes escapade that will have an impact on your greedy senses instantly. Why? Because of the shivering fusion of non-stop, irresistible firework guitar sequences, thumping glam drums, pumping bass and hypnotic vocals turning this mind-boggling banger into a 24 Karat cracker. Move all your furniture and make some room for yourself to move crazily to the mighty groovy swagger of ‘How I Faked The Moon Landing‘…

SILENT FORUM: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

Out 10 August via Libertino Records‘ Ghost Disco Singles Club