Welsh Foursome SILENT FORUM Moves With New Troubled Reflection – Here’s ‘SAFETY IN NUMBERS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 April 2019

(photo via artist SILENT FORUM – press)

Welsh quartet SILENT FORUM keeps on coming up with stirring stuff. After their
2017 debut album Sanctuary+ followed by two significant singles the foursome
just shared another momentous track.

New cut SAFETY IN NUMBERS “expresses the importance of looking after your friends.
Our relationships are the most meaningful thing we can achieve in life”
. But it feels like we do not care enough about each other in the end as the song’s tone is darkish, doubtful and insecure and the music’s timbre is melancholic, contemplative and poignant, confirming once again that the human battle for attention isn’t an easy one. Silent Forum translates that well-known feeling perfectly well the way New York‘s gloomy rockers Interpol do it sonically for some time now. This heartfelt reflection proves that this band is in touch
with our troubled, selfish reality. Capture the mixed emotions right here…


SAFETY IN NUMBERS – out 10th May

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