Indie Outfit SILENT FORUM Color Summer With Sparkling Pop Gem ‘TREAT YOURSELF’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

Photo By Bethan Miller

Who: Indie outfit from Wales.


“It’s their most unashamedly poppy single to date. Treat Yourself is a mixture of
revealing, uncomfortable lyrics paired with animated, uplifting pop instrumentation.
You can hear the band having a great time playing around in much poppier territory
than they are used to – this is as bubblegum as they’re ever going to get.”

TUTV: Treat Yourself is all a catchy pop-ular gem is about. It’s lively and sprightly
and has your hungry ears’ attention from the get-go. Tantalizing tunes like this one
are always welcome on my headphones. It feels like summer, it tastes like Piña colada,
it causes a holiday mood. Top melody, shiny guitars, drum/bass beats, zestful vocals/harmonies and a solid gold sing-along chorus. Bingo!

“Why don’t you treat yourself to a little self love
You matter, you matter so much
You don’t matter, you matter”.


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