SOULFUL SUNDAY With Americana Artist TODD GREENE And Engrossing Ballad ‘TALK TO ME”

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

9 April 2023

Who: Singer-songwriter raised in a musical family in the foothills
of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His affinity for the acoustic
guitar and the songsmiths of the era compelled him to hone his craft.

New single: TALK TO ME
A tale of yearning for a connection.

TUTV: This is a heart-rending ballad reaching out to a loved one.
An acoustic musing with a sensitive country feel and a weeping violin.

Todd Green‘s warm voice emphasizes his whole-souled tristesse and his
desirous hope grippingly and the female backing vocals are so captivating.
A charming beauty.


TODD GREENE: Facebook – Instagram

Fiery Californian Rockers FELLOW ROBOT Steamroll On New Blast ‘TALK TO ME’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

23 February 2023

Band: FELLOW ROBOT (Long Beach, California)

Who: Originally started out as a concept piece in 2016, pulling lyrics from the sci-fi novel The Robot’s Guide To Music written by frontman Anthony Pedroza. They released so far
2 albums – #3 coming up – The Robot’s Guide To Music Vol. 1 (2018) and Vol. 2 (2019).

New album: MISANISANTHROPIOID, out on 19th May

Pedroza (frontman/lyricist): “It’s our soundtrack to the last few years. It’s a diverse take
on the perception of emotion, especially regarding how we feel about our fellow humans.”

The album’s artwork with Joy Division waves

First single: TALK TO ME

“It’s a post punk demonstration and the hardest hitting track on the album.
The song does well in contrasting the serene orchestrations within “Misanthropioid”
and “it’s purposefully messy, simple and loud, ”
says the band.

TUTV: This red-hot drum/bass-propelled steamroller shows that robots
can rock their mechanical ass off too. Talk to me races with fervent flamboyance
and never takes gas back. Pedroza‘s intense vocals and blazing guitar furor fire
up the fiery chorus and complete this helter-skelter outburst.

Touchdown rocker!

Press play.

FELLOW ROBOT: Instagram – Twitter

Indie Rockers BEALBY POINT Steam On Razzle-Dazzle Stroke ‘TALK TO ME’

20 July 2021

(Art by Quinlin Gusti)

Who: Charged indie rockers from Vancouver, British Columbia

(Photo by Sam Fazio)

New single: TALK TO ME

“About balancing heavy emotions with stifled logic – doing something you
have reason to believe is wrong, but it feels right because you want it.”

Turn Up The Volume: This razzle-dazzle crackerjack resonates as if it came
straight off one of the early albums of New York City darlings The Strokes.
Fuzzing and buzzing electricity from start to finish, fueled by glowing guitars,
a relentless drumbeat, and distorted Casablancas vocals all over it. A shot of
adrenalin that boosts your confused state of post-lockdown mind.

This is it…