Fiery Californian Rockers FELLOW ROBOT Steamroll On New Blast ‘TALK TO ME’

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23 February 2023

Band: FELLOW ROBOT (Long Beach, California)

Who: Originally started out as a concept piece in 2016, pulling lyrics from the sci-fi novel The Robot’s Guide To Music written by frontman Anthony Pedroza. They released so far
2 albums – #3 coming up – The Robot’s Guide To Music Vol. 1 (2018) and Vol. 2 (2019).

New album: MISANISANTHROPIOID, out on 19th May

Pedroza (frontman/lyricist): “It’s our soundtrack to the last few years. It’s a diverse take
on the perception of emotion, especially regarding how we feel about our fellow humans.”

The album’s artwork with Joy Division waves

First single: TALK TO ME

“It’s a post punk demonstration and the hardest hitting track on the album.
The song does well in contrasting the serene orchestrations within “Misanthropioid”
and “it’s purposefully messy, simple and loud, ”
says the band.

TUTV: This red-hot drum/bass-propelled steamroller shows that robots
can rock their mechanical ass off too. Talk to me races with fervent flamboyance
and never takes gas back. Pedroza‘s intense vocals and blazing guitar furor fire
up the fiery chorus and complete this helter-skelter outburst.

Touchdown rocker!

Press play.

FELLOW ROBOT: Instagram – Twitter

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