Indie Rockers BEALBY POINT Steam On Razzle-Dazzle Stroke ‘TALK TO ME’

20 July 2021

(Art by Quinlin Gusti)

Who: Charged indie rockers from Vancouver, British Columbia

(Photo by Sam Fazio)

New single: TALK TO ME

“About balancing heavy emotions with stifled logic – doing something you
have reason to believe is wrong, but it feels right because you want it.”

Turn Up The Volume: This razzle-dazzle crackerjack resonates as if it came
straight off one of the early albums of New York City darlings The Strokes.
Fuzzing and buzzing electricity from start to finish, fueled by glowing guitars,
a relentless drumbeat, and distorted Casablancas vocals all over it. A shot of
adrenalin that boosts your confused state of post-lockdown mind.

This is it…


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