You Can’t Resist The New Single Of Boston Rock Trio THE CHELSEA CURVE

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10 May 2023

Photo: by Joshua Pickering

Who: Firm American indie rock trio. The band’s name is
a moniker taken from a zig-zagging stretch of highway
just north of their native Boston.

New single: HOW CAN I (RESIST YOU)?
The first dose of new music of
an EP set for Fall release.

Linda Pardee (bass/vocals: “‘How Can I (Resist You)?” is a song of longing
and desire, of pining from afar, of an obsessive love… but exactly who, or should
I say what, is the mystery. I had a melody line in mind that reminded me a bit of
The Lemonheads and Elvis Costello. The melodies for the verses and chorus have
a decidedly ’80s bent to them. We went through a few arrangement ideas as a band
to get it just right. Lyrically and vocally, I’m singing about yearning/loving from afar
and as the song goes on you can hear the narrator getting more and more obsessed.”

TUTV: Tantalizing tunes like this one are very welcome in these troubled days.
This racy lovey-dovey earworm is a dynamic and highly energetic swing-and-shake
rocker, fueled with bonkers guitars, a hungry rhythm section and Pardee‘s snappy
vocals. Listen carefully and you’ll hear Blondie on a roll like they did on their second
album Plastic Letters (check Love At The Pier). And, no, you can’t resist this new
Chelsea Curve cracker.

Press play.


THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 39

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days

‘Truck Songs’ by ANGEL DU$T (Baltimore)

Hardcore noiseniks Angel Du$t mellowed their sound a bit lately,
but still kick-ass, like here with the title track of upcoming album
A Collection Of Truck Songs, out 29th October.

Tripp(songwriter): “This is one of my favorite recordings of a song that
I’ve written. Plus, all my best homies got all up in this track’s ass and sent
it home. Was listening to Tom Petty a grip. If you don’t know who that is
check him out, I guess.”

Start the fire…



The hardcore legends announced a new LP
featuring Goth heroine Chelsea Wolfe.

Lead-single Blood Moon sounds like an astonishing harbinger for
what is to come. It’s a disturbing, confusing, and flabbergasting
slam dunk.

Turn it up here…


‘The Beachland Ballroom’ by IDLES (Bristol, UK)

New album Crawler, out 12th November.

Expect the slower side of Idles with hefty eruptions now
and then and frontman Joe Talbot‘s blood cooking…


‘7000 HOURS’ by THE CHELSEA CURVE (Boston)

With the snarl of the punk scene and the swagger of the mods,
The Chelsea Curve often earn comparisons to The Pretenders and
Husker Du (personal favorites of the trio). On their new single, the
band shows a deeper emotional side, setting a lovely mood of
autumnal longing.

Expect a twinkling tune that gets under your skin without asking.
Repeat buttons were invented for catchy corkers like these.

Start feeling good here…


‘Text The Dead’ by ACTIVITY

The New York-based rockers’ new single is about broken-heartedness,
mournfulness and sadness following the passing of one of the most
beloved and closest person we all have, our mother.

Travis Johnson (the band’s songwriter) about the song: “My mom passed
away in February. I still can’t process it honestly… I was going through old stuff
and found it and started singing the verse melody. Then we all added our parts
and subtracted others, etc. It’s not a very ‘live’ song but we all came together
on it still.”

Text The Dead is a disturbing, confusing, strangely
infectious, and fascinating grief processing song…

Listen/watch here…


‘Write A List of Things To Look Forward To’ by COURTNEY BARNETT

The wonderful singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett from down under,
unleashes her new longplayer Things Take Time, Take Time

Barnett: “It’s a song about darkness but also about friendship. I found
a deeper communication with people in my life — deeper conversations.
And a new level of gratitude for friendships that had been there for so
long that I had maybe taken for granted.”

Listen up…




Besides having a great band name these siblings from Toronto score big time with their new steaming single. A song “about what hides behind the smiles for social media. It can be described as a cry for help, disguised as an upbeat dance floor banger.”

Pithy, swirling, and as sticky as first-class glue. Add glamorous vocals and a glittering, full-on wall-of-electrical sound and the final result is an instant hit.


‘Troubles A’ Comin’ by THE ROLLING STONES

The imperishable Stones have shared a previously unreleased cover of ‘Troubles A’ Comin’, a golden oldie hit of American soul legends The Chi-Lites. The song will feature on the upcoming 40th-anniversary reissue of their Tattoo You LP.

Here we go…

See/hear you next week, music junkies