You Can’t Resist The New Single Of Boston Rock Trio THE CHELSEA CURVE

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10 May 2023

Photo: by Joshua Pickering

Who: Firm American indie rock trio. The band’s name is
a moniker taken from a zig-zagging stretch of highway
just north of their native Boston.

New single: HOW CAN I (RESIST YOU)?
The first dose of new music of
an EP set for Fall release.

Linda Pardee (bass/vocals: “‘How Can I (Resist You)?” is a song of longing
and desire, of pining from afar, of an obsessive love… but exactly who, or should
I say what, is the mystery. I had a melody line in mind that reminded me a bit of
The Lemonheads and Elvis Costello. The melodies for the verses and chorus have
a decidedly ’80s bent to them. We went through a few arrangement ideas as a band
to get it just right. Lyrically and vocally, I’m singing about yearning/loving from afar
and as the song goes on you can hear the narrator getting more and more obsessed.”

TUTV: Tantalizing tunes like this one are very welcome in these troubled days.
This racy lovey-dovey earworm is a dynamic and highly energetic swing-and-shake
rocker, fueled with bonkers guitars, a hungry rhythm section and Pardee‘s snappy
vocals. Listen carefully and you’ll hear Blondie on a roll like they did on their second
album Plastic Letters (check Love At The Pier). And, no, you can’t resist this new
Chelsea Curve cracker.

Press play.


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