Social Distancing Single ‘DON’T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME’ By THE POLICE Released 40 Years Ago

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21 September 2020

Band: The Police
Active: 1977–1984, 1986, 2007–2008
Single: Don’t Stand So Close To Me’
B-sides: Friends and A Sermon

Released: 19 September 1980 – 40 years ago
Score: #1 in the UK (best selling single that year)
#9 in the US
Album: Zenyatta Mondatta – third LP

Sting: “If your image is not sexy enough,
people won’t listen. It’s part of the game.”

Get back, please…

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THE POLICE Scored A No 1 UK Hit With ‘WALKING ON THE MOON’ 40 Years Ago

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8 December 2019

This week, 40 years ago, THE POLICE topped the UK Singles Chart with ‘WALKING ON
. It was their second No 1 hit in their home country, written by Sting and
taken from their second album Reggatta De Blanc

Sting later revealed in an interview when and how he wrote the song: “I was drunk in a hotel room in Munich, slumped on the bed with the whirling pit when this riff came into my head. I got up and started walking around the room, singing ‘Walking round the room, ya, ya, walking round the room’. That was all. In the cool light of morning I remembered what had happened and I wrote the riff down. But ‘Walking Round the Room’ was a stupid title so I thought of something even more stupid which was ‘Walking on the Moon’.”

Watch the 40-year-old clip right here…

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27 September 2019

Last year charismatic 90s rocker JULIANA HATFIELD and former Blake Babies frontwoman released Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia-Newton John. Yep, a full LP
of Olivia Newton-John covers. Early this year she issued an album of new own songs,
titled Weird and now she returns with a selection of THE POLICE tracks.

Last month she shared her version of the daft, yet sickly sticky sing along
tune De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. Now here’s her take on ‘NEXT TO YOU
from The Police‘s 1978 album Outlandos D’Amour.

Here we go…


JULIANA HATFIELD SINGS THE POLICE – out 15th November – all info here 

(photo on top: FB Juliana Hatfield)

THE POLICE – Released Their Massive Hit Single ‘MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE’ 40 Years Ago Today…

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21 September 2019


Band: The Police
Song: Message In A Bottle / B-side: Landlord
Released: 21 September 1979 / 40 years ago today
Album: Regatta De Blanc – the band’s 20nd album
Note: Written by Sting, obviously about a castaway on an island, who sends out a message in a bottle to seek love. A year later, he sees ‘a hundred billion bottles‘ (quite a lot if you ask me) on the shore, finding out that he’s not the only one who’s alone

Here comes the SOS…



‘Every Breath You Take’ by THE POLICE – No 1 On UK Singles Chart 36 Years Ago…

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4 June 2019

Mega stars THE POLICE started a 4-week run at the top of the UK Singles Chart
36 years ago today, on 4 June 1983 with EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, probably
their best single next to that debut cracker ‘Roxanne‘. But here was a band (mostly
Sting) who knew all the tricks by then to write MASSIVE HIT singles.

It also topped the charts in America for eight straight weeks. Unquestionable their
biggest score ever. It got tons of prizes, awards and worldwide accolades of praise.
It appeared on their fifth and final studio LP ‘Synchronicity‘. Here’s that rather
brilliant obsessive love song (again – 655.182.681 views on YT)…

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