7 March 2021

Who: Manchester-born, Berlin-based
group led by Craig Dyer

Album: THE FALLING – 10th LP
Out: 12 March via Fuzz Club
Order info: here

Info: “The new album sees Craig and the band trade their acerbic post-punk
melancholy for a more refined and stripped-back sound which enters the world
of romantic, shadowy folk-noir. A marked departure from the primal intensity
often heard on the band’s previous work, The Falling showcases a softer, more
cinematic musical landscape shaped by acoustic guitars, piano, accordion and
a heavy presence of violin and string arrangements.”

Singles: A Sorrowful Race / Vergiss Mich Nicht / For You Are The One





Craig Dyer (Belgium – photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Country & Western Waltz – THE UNDERGROUNG YOUTH With New Single ‘FOR YOU ARE THE ONE’

21 January 2021

(pic by Turn Up The Volume)

British psych-rockers THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH formed by ringleader
Craig Dyer have been around for a while. Between 2006 and today they
produced nine albums with last year’s Montage Images Of Lust & Fear
as one of their most arresting performances.

And the band already has another LP called THE FALLING
canned and hitting the streets on March 12.

Last December we got lead-single A Sorrowful Race, a moving and gripping
ballad and here comes another new one titled FOR YOU ARE THE ONE.

Dyer about the song: “I wanted this bouncing, drunken, upbeat track for the record,
something unlike anything I’d written before. The addition of the violin to the album
really enhanced each and every track, but for me this one stands out as the song most
affected by this change in sound.”

The band sounds like an electrical country & western combo playing a ballroom
waltz with a cracking violin-driven swagger. Gloriously surprising, but absolutely
great. I love it and I’m sure you will too.

Dance Here

Lead-single A Sorrowful Race


THE FALLING out 12 March via Fuzz Club Records

Heart-Stopping Introspection – THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH With New Single ‘A SORROWFUL RACE’

10 December 2020

British psych-rockers THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH formed by mastermind Craig Dyer have been around for a while. Between 2006 and today they delivered nine albums with last year’s Montage Images Of Lust & Fear as one of their most impressive works.

(pic by Turn Up The Volume)

Its follow-up longplayer called The Falling is planned for a March 2021 release.
And here’s the captivating lead-single A SORROWFUL RACE.

Craig says in a press statement: “This track is something of a personal attack on myself,
and the narcissistic frustration at those whose success has overshadowed my own. It could
be perceived as egoistic, but the idea with this record was to be as honest as possible lyrically, that included addressing the feelings that were maybe harder to face.”

A Sorrowful Race is a plain-speaking reflection of solipsism and gnawing jealousy.
A brutally honest and poignant introspection. A magnific ballad that makes you silent.
A heart-stopping pearl straight from the soul. An emotive tour de force. A spellbinding experience. Wow!

“Why he’s achieved so much more than I,
in such a short amount of time, well I’ll
never understand why, I’ll just keep writing
line after line after line after line”

Listen/watch here…


THE FALLING out 12 March 2021 via Fuzz Club


Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

5 May 2019

Manchester’s post-punk band THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH led by mastermind CRAIG DYER released their notable ninth LP MONTAGE IMAGES OF LUST & FEAR last March. One of the most intense songs on the new longplayer is TOO INNOCENT TO BE TRUE.
An impassioned ballad, a slow burning torch, a fervent love reverie. Absorb the profound emotion here…

album in full…


TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For February 2019…

Eleven knockout killer tracks from the past month…

Quote - kopie (2)

Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A boiling blend of rolling rippers and glowing grooves
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout February Team!

1. ‘Year Of The Dog’ by ROYAL TRUX (Washington D.C.)
Infamous trash duo with boiling slam from their upcoming White Stuff album

2. ‘Magpie’ by PEUK (Belgium)
Exorcistic Nirvanesque outburst from this noisy engine’s impressive self-titled debut LP

3. ‘Fried’ by YAK (London, UK)
Garage trio with fierce rollercoaster from 2nd album Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness

4. ‘Better’ by RICH GIRLS (New York City)
This feels like a punchy shot of adrenalin. Intensive, elevating and ecstatic…

5. ‘Last Exit To Nowhere’ by THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH (Manchester/Berlin)
Blistering blast from the band’s upcoming, ninth, LP  Montage Images Of Lust And Fear

6. ‘Politic!’ by MICHELLE BLADES (Paris, France)
Infectiously groovy, highly stimulating and catchy as hell…

7. ‘Sucker Punch’ by MADONNATRON (London, UK)
A flamboyant belter from these voodoo priestesses new album Musica Alla Puttanesca

8. ‘For Helvede’ by USE KNIFE (Belgium)
Hypnotic and high-powered electronic rapture. Striking debut single from Belgian duo…

9. ‘Without Love You’re Nothing’ by THE OCEANS (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Anthemic score with towering guitars and harmonious, engrossing vocals…

10. ‘Passing Trains’ by INSOMNIAC BEARS (Norway)
Amplified pop vivacity with multiple layers, stimulating vocals and a grand finale…

11. ‘Lonely Running Man’ by KÚLU (Denmark)
Melodramatic and touching magnificence. Sonic tenderness to put your arms around…

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THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH Drops Another Blistering Cut From New Album – Here’s ‘LAST EXIT TO NOWHERE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

On 29th March Berlin via Manchester cult post-punks THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH
will release their ninth album MONTAGE IMAGES OF LUST & FEAR via Fuzz Club.
After launching inflammable lead single The Death Of An Author the band shares another furious track. LAST EXIT TO NOWHERE is a 24 karat knockout. A blistering
blast sounding like THE VELVET UNDERGOUND on speed instead of heroin. Ominous, threatening and sinister. A wall of repetitive riffage with vocalist/guitarist Craig Dyer’s
mind-boggling vox accentuating the cutting gloominess of this rabid ripper. Hell yeah!

Get doomed right here…

THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH: Facebook – Tour Dates

New album MONTAGE IMAGES OF LUST & FEAR out 29th March via Fuzz Club

British Cult Post Punks THE UNDERGOUND YOUTH Share New Inflammable Single ‘THE DEATH OF THE AUTHOR’…

Brand new sonic impulses

6 February 2019

Inspired by Bob Dylan turning poetry into songs English guitarist/vocalist/songwriter
CRAIG DYER started making music back in 2008. With his band THE UNDERGOUND YOUTH he developed a worldwide cult status following the DIY production of a series of compelling albums and memorable live performances. Their ninth LP, entitled MONTAGE IMAGES OF LUST & FEAR will be out on 29th March via Fuzz Club. Mastermind Craig says the new record is “inspired by the succession of experiences we are increasingly dealt by the media. Sex, violence, love, suspicion, desire, distress, etc. The album acts as a montage itself,
the subject of each song dealing with an aspect of either lust or fear. Like flicking through the channels on a television. Until in the end you are overcome by white noise. Static.”

Here’s lead single THE DEATH OF THE AUTHOR. “A macabre industrial ballad following
the final hours of a down on his luck write
r” reveals Craig. It’s a soul-stirring, hypnotic roller coaster exploding fervidly every time the raging chorus kicks in. Wow! Stupefying stuff
with a fevered and delirious impact. Experience the inflammable tour de force right here…

THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH: Facebook – Bandcamp

World tour starting next month…

(photo on top by TUTV!)