Heart-Stopping Introspection – THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH With New Single ‘A SORROWFUL RACE’

10 December 2020

British psych-rockers THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH formed by mastermind Craig Dyer have been around for a while. Between 2006 and today they delivered nine albums with last year’s Montage Images Of Lust & Fear as one of their most impressive works.

(pic by Turn Up The Volume)

Its follow-up longplayer called The Falling is planned for a March 2021 release.
And here’s the captivating lead-single A SORROWFUL RACE.

Craig says in a press statement: “This track is something of a personal attack on myself,
and the narcissistic frustration at those whose success has overshadowed my own. It could
be perceived as egoistic, but the idea with this record was to be as honest as possible lyrically, that included addressing the feelings that were maybe harder to face.”

A Sorrowful Race is a plain-speaking reflection of solipsism and gnawing jealousy.
A brutally honest and poignant introspection. A magnific ballad that makes you silent.
A heart-stopping pearl straight from the soul. An emotive tour de force. A spellbinding experience. Wow!

“Why he’s achieved so much more than I,
in such a short amount of time, well I’ll
never understand why, I’ll just keep writing
line after line after line after line”

Listen/watch here…


THE FALLING out 12 March 2021 via Fuzz Club

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