YouTube The Rage – Watch Video Clip For Spiky Salvo ‘SKALLYWAG’ By THE HELL BEINGS

Clips that impress your ears and eyes…

10 December 2020

last Oxctober.

Brighton’s punk junks THE HELL BEINGS dropped
a spiky salvo, titled SKALLYWAG, last October.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “A brutal beast, a clamorous in-your-face punch.
No meditations about the birds and the bees for this DIY trio. Only rage about this
day and age. And like all genuine punk bands do, they limit their loudmouthed
swipes to the length of an average Ramones blitzkrieg bop.”

The video clip they send to the world to visualize “Skallywag skallywag / Virulent
skallywag / This day and age / Youtube the rage”
is a mix of a masked band going
bananas and some fun fitting footage of old, black and white skallywag movies.

Rage here…


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