No 1 In The US This Day In 1966 – THE BEACH BOYS With ‘GOOD VIBRATIONS’

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10 December 2020

Band: The Beach Boys
Formed in 1961

Single: Good Vibrations
B-side: Let’s Go Away for A While

Note 1: Legend goes that the song’s title was inspired
by Wilson‘s obsession with cosmic vibrations, as his mother
would tell him as a kid that dogs sometimes bark at people
in response to their ‘bad vibrations‘.

Note 2: Over 90 hours of tape was consumed for the recordings
of the good vibes, with a total cost of production estimated
to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Score: The single hit the top spot of the US charts
on 10 December 1966, 53 years ago today.
Also #1 in the UK.

Sing it, boys


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