THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH – 11th Album ‘NOSTALGIA’S GLASS’ Returns To The Mixed Emotions Labyrinth Of The Past

24 August 2023

Manchester‘s psych post-punk misfits THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH,
orchestrated by voice/face/songwriter Craig Dyer released their new
album, named NOSTALGIA’S GLASS via Fuzz Club.

Dyer about the LP: “The aim became to create a collection of songs that paid homage
to our back catalogue and attempted to dissect not only the positive but the negative
elements of nostalgia, primarily the romanticisation of the past – be it the politics of
a country, the controversial legacies of film and musical icons or the sentimental
idealisation of long dead toxic relationships.”

Photo by Lily Creightmore

TUTV: To be honest, I needed several spins to get into the new TUY album and in
Craig Dyer‘s world. Of course, he’s the only one who knows exactly what happens in
his mind, in his soul and his heart. But as he said he looked back to times gone by.

Great/gratifying moments, bad/sad moments. I guess for so many of us, nostalgia
can be both depressing and heart-warming. Dyer opened the door to his past, that
evokes those mixed emotions.

His somber vocals, the overall gloomy tone and slow, shadowy pace (except for
Another Country that sounds like a splendid tribute to The Velvet Underground of the
music feels like he got lost in a labyrinth of uncomfortable memories most of the time leading to a spellbinding and bone-chilling opus. Melancholic poetry in motion. You can
file Nostalgia’s Glass next to Nick Cave‘s 2016 mourning masterpiece Skeleton Tree.

Singles/clips: I Thought I Understood / In Another Country / Frame Obsesion





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