Amazing Album Artwork Of 5 LPs Turning 30 in 2022

Five eye-catching front covers of LPs turning 30 in 2022

1. Vulgar Display of Power by PANTERA

The LP’s title is taken from a line of 1973 horror classic The Exorcist. The picture is by photographer Brad Guice. The band wanted “something vulgar, like a dude getting punched”.


2. Going Blank Again by RIDE

Cover artwork by British artist Christopher Gunson. He has written and illustrated
many children’s books, including the award-winning Over On The Farm.


3. Bone Machine by TOM WAITS

The cover photo is by Bob Dylan‘s son Jesse. The concept was created by him and Waits.


4. Rage Against The Machine by RAGTM

The cover picture is by journalist/photographer Malcolm Browne. It shows the self-immolation of Thích Quảng Đức, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, in Saigon in 1963.
The monk was protesting President Ngô Đình Diệm‘s administration for oppressing
the Buddhist religion.


5. Amused To Death by ROGER WATERS

The LP’s artwork features a chimpanzee watching television in reference to
Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Waters: “the ape is symbol for anyone who’s
been sitting with his mouth open in front of the network and cable news.”


Picked By TURN UP THE VOLUME – 10 Ace Albums Turning 30 In 2022

15 December 2021

1. ‘Henry’s Dream’ by NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS

Released: 27 April 1992 –  7th LP
Charts: #29 in the UK / #41 in Australia

Rolling Stone said: At times Cave veers into melodrama, but his songs
of suffering and sin are still convincing. With the Bad Seeds serving as the
exorcists for Cave’s demons, Henry’s Dream stands as provocative – albeit
harrowing – music.”
Score: 4.5

TUTV: One of my all-time favorite
Bad Nick Cave Seed works

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2. ‘Dry’ by PJ HARVEY

Released: 30 March 1992 – her debut LP
Charts: #11 in the UK

Pitchfork wrote: “On her debut, Polly Jean Harvey matched
Patti Smith’s incandescence with Bessie Smith’s lasciviousness,
outplayed everyone on the British indie circuit, and became
an instant star.”
Score: 4.5/5.

TUTV: A masterpiece. Still.

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3. ‘Automatic For The People’ by R.E.M.

Released: 5 October 1992 – 8th LP
Charts: #1 in the UK and New Zealand, #2 in the US

AllMusic: “A haunting, melancholy masterpiece… R.E.M. have
never been as emotionally direct as they are here, nor have they
ever created music quite as rich and timeless, and while the record
is not an easy listen, it is the most rewarding record in their oeuvre.”

Score: 5/5.

TUTV: They put a magnum opus
on the moon with this one.

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4. ‘Bone Machine’ by TOM WAITS

Released: 8 September 1992 – his 11th LP

Entertainment Weekly wrote: “Bone Machine finds Waits veering
along the midway barking his favorite themes — decadence and death,
purgatory and pain — but beneath his hellacious bellows and grotesque
arrangements lurks a caring, humanist heart.
” Score: 5/5.

TUTV: I wonder if Waits still doesn’t want to grow up.

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5. ‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ by SPIRITUALIZED

Released: 20 March 1992 – debut LP
Charts: #27 in the UK

NME said: “There’s awesome, cool dignity here, a depth and
scope far beyond rock’s normal parameters, and an abiding
faith in the redemptive power of music which can embrace
both consoling murmurs and euphoric surges.”
Score: 5/5.

TUTV: The start of a soul-searching
symphonic gospel adventure, still in motion.

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6. ‘Rage Against The Machine by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE

7. Slanted & Enchanted by PAVEMENT

8. It’s A Shame About Ray by THE LEMONHEADS

9. Code:Selfish by THE FALL

10. ‘The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion by THE BLACK CROWES

Legendary Barfly TOM WAITS Released Remarkable Ninth Album ‘RAINDOGS’ 35 Years Ago Today

30 September 2020

Artist: Tom Waits
Album: Raindogs – his 9th LP
A concept record about the urban dispossessed of New York City,
Artwork: The man on the cover looks definitely like Waits, but the photo is actually
one of a series taken by the Swedish photographer Anders Petersen at Café Lehmitz (near the Hamburg red-light street called Reeperbahn, where The Beatles used to play gigs in small clubs in the early days) in the late 1960s. The man and woman on the front sleeve are called Rose and Lilly.

Released: 30 September 1985 – 35 years ago today

AllMusic/William Ruhlmann : “With its jarring rhythms and unusual instrumentation – marimba, accordion, various percussion – as well as its frequently surreal lyrics, Rain Dogs is very much a follow-up to Swordfishtrombones, which is to say that it sounds for the most part like The Threepenny Opera being sung by Howlin’ Wolf… Waits occasionally borders on the chaotic, but much of the music matches the earlier album, and there is so much of it that,
that it’s enough to qualify ‘Rain Dogs’ as one of Waits’ better albums.”
Score: 5/5.

Tom Waits: “I didn’t really want to be part of a clique or a niche. But I also was
looking for my own voice, as a writer, y’know? And a world I could call my own.”

Turn Up The Volume: “Waits is the best barfly singer-songwriter ever.”

Full album…

TOM WAITS: Facebook