106. 579 – THANK YOU, WORLD!

3 January 2022

Well, well, I never thought it would come to this when I started
my TURN UP THE VOLUME blog back in 2015, to kill some time
now and then.

But over the years more and more music junkies, artists, PR agencies and
record labels found their way to TURN UP THE VOLUME which motivated
me to write more and more and, eventually, spending all of my free time
with blogging.

An overview of the number of
views over the past 6 years.

2015: 11.544
2016: 27.236
2017: 43.911
2018: 51.489
2019: 66.869
2020: 100.071
2021: 106.579

31% are American visitors
22% are UK visitors
7% are Belgian visitors
5.5% are from Canada
3% are from France
31.50 % from rest of the world


THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!! 100.071 Views For TURN UP THE VOLUME In 2020

Wow Wow!
Wow Wow Wow!

Turn Up The Volume‘s blog scored a total of 100.071 views,
in 2020, coming from 67 different countries around the globe!

Absolutely cool! Thank all of you who checked in, in the past
12 science-fiction-like months. And I hope you’ll be back in 2021!
I WILL! It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but

Just for fun: the top 5 of the countries
where the views came from…

USA: 35.694
UK: 24.307
Belgium: 10.307
Canada: 3. 534
France: 2.549

Last: Iraq, Maldives, Cameroon, Fiji, Comoros
and many more other exotic places with
1 view (who are you? contact me!)

Bring on the champagne
and turn up the volume…