THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!! 100.071 Views For TURN UP THE VOLUME In 2020

Wow Wow!
Wow Wow Wow!

Turn Up The Volume‘s blog scored a total of 100.071 views,
in 2020, coming from 67 different countries around the globe!

Absolutely cool! Thank all of you who checked in, in the past
12 science-fiction-like months. And I hope you’ll be back in 2021!
I WILL! It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but

Just for fun: the top 5 of the countries
where the views came from…

USA: 35.694
UK: 24.307
Belgium: 10.307
Canada: 3. 534
France: 2.549

Last: Iraq, Maldives, Cameroon, Fiji, Comoros
and many more other exotic places with
1 view (who are you? contact me!)

Bring on the champagne
and turn up the volume…

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