Welcome To The Earthshaking Noise World Of… IT IT ANITA

Music that shakes us in a way we want to scream out loud…


If you like it really NOISY, come in, have a seat and check this 4-piece engine. Expect high-voltage guitar frenzy loaded with muscled power chords and punch your fists in the air riffs while a manic madman hammers his drums so boisterous you can really feel the resulting earthquakes physically. FACT! On top of it all raging vocals are testing your ears’ flexibility. Sounds pretty mental, doesn’t it? You bet. And it blew my mind & senses the way I love it.
I experienced the impressive tantrums of this Belgian steamy noise band live for the very first time last Friday in Brussels. A complete knockout! The band’s intensity is phenomenal and the drummer, looking like a heavy metal wrestler, left the stage with al his gear, at one point, to go and explode among the spectators. Bonkers, absolutely bonkers! You want a piece of the action? Let’s start with a new electrifying track from their fresh album…

So far, so damn gloriously turbulent. And I will not spoil the party.
On the contrary, here’s brand new 8-track record AGAAIIN in full…

Here’s an idea of their vital live force.

And to end this noisy trip, here are some pics from last Friday ‘s storming gig in Brussels


Let’s play even louder…

Meeting the fans…

Nastiest drummer in the house…

IT IT ANITA: Facebook – Twitter

(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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