THE POP GROUP – Intriguing New Video For Cruel Brittania Single ‘LITTLE TOWN’…


26 December 2016


LITTLE TOWN is the 2nd single from cutting new Honeymoon On Mars album by the former late 70s/early 80s frantic Bristol funksters THE POP GROUP. Only one of the few bands that really has, after reuniting many years after they first formed, something challenging, highly inspiring and compellingly perspicacious to say in caustic words
and in absorbing sound. Douglas Hart directed the clip and visualized optimally the
song’s content: “The video attempts to capture the feel of towns beyond the big metropolises. Towns that suffer most from the brutal post capital culture we live in now.” The band’s riveting frontman and biting voice Mark Stewart added: “Doug has documented Cruel Britannia, the hidden truly frightening little Britain. Perhaps the real battle for Britain has truly begun.” Seems like we’ll have a post-Brexit walk here…

THE POP GROUP: Website – Facebook


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