BUZZCOCKS – Reissue Of Memorable 7″ EP… ‘SPIRAL SCRATCH’

When it’s timeless in sound & and vision, it’s a…



Legendary Manchester band Buzzcocks, who injected punk with a roaring dose of infectious guitar pop back in the seventies, will reissue their 1977 DIY debut EP titled Spiral Scratch (with the wonderful Howard Devoto on vocals and who formed Magazine immediately afterwards, one of the first – and magnificent – new wave groups) , containing the four original tracks: Breakdown/Time’s Up/Boredom and Friends of Mine on 27th January and
also, on 10th March, a 12″ titled Time’s Up, an official studio bootleg documenting, with
11 tracks, their first-ever recording session (1976). All details here. You can stream the original audio version of the 4-track Spiral Scratch EP here on YouTube…

And the band, with two essential, original members – Steve Diggle and Pete Shelley – is
still alive and kicking. They released new album The Way in 2014 and are still gigging frequently. I got to go now and look for my personal, original copy of Spiral Scratch. But where, oh, where?…

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