To Hell With Blue Mondays – Go Completely Nuts With… THE CRAMPS

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…


Back in October 1991 I went all the way to London to see the fabulous and legendary rockabilly punks THE CRAMPS for the very first time after missing them, unwanted, on several occasions before in my native country Belgium. They played a series of seven (if
my memory is right) concerts, including a Halloween special, in the cosy 2000-capacity
The Town And Country Club (where I also witnessed a superb Oasis in 1994 – a month before releasing their debut LP, with the venue’s name changed to the ‘Forum‘ by then)
in the north of England‘s capital. A red-hot gig to remember and archived as ‘howling rock
& roll rapture
‘. Smashing fun! And the freaks still are an ideal band to kick Blue Mondays
straight in the face. Here’s some ace footage from 1986, when they performed on the
now legendary British live TV show The Tube (1982-1987). C’mon, Poison, guitar…

THE CRAMPS: Biography – Discography

Great memory…

One comment

  1. Opher · January 23, 2017

    I loved the Cramps. Couldn’t afford to go to see them when they came to Hull. Really regret that. Now no Lux!! A tragedy!


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