THE POP GROUP – Funky Punky Freaky Reggae Party in Belgium…


THE POP GROUP – N9 Club – Eeklo, Belgium – 4 February 2017


THE POP GROUP, the frantic post-punk funksters from Bristol are only one of the
few bands that really have, after reuniting many years after they first formed (1977), something challenging, inspiring and perspicacious to say in caustic words and in compelling sound. Their two comeback albums in two years, CITIZEN ZOMBIE (2015)
and HONEYMOON ON MARS (2016) are among the best alternative music you’ll find. Giant frontman Mark Stewart still is a razor-sharp, political & social observer with an inimitable, narrative and at times creepy voice & the underground legends still create a unique blend of jagged & highly danceable ecstasy many young, artists would sell their soul and mother-in-law for. If you’re a well-documented, lifetime fan of the band and Stewart’s Maffia project I’m sure I can’t tell you something new about them. But if you
never heard of these sonic outlaws I invite you to this Funky Punky Freaky Reggae set (reproduced here on Spotify) that those imperishable prostitutes played last Saturday in Belgium. Open your ears and your unprejudiced mind, get out of your straitjacket, move your furniture to make room for your own private dance floor and activate your limbs ’cause you will need them all. Start the party right now, right here…

Captain Zombie…

Gareth ‘Chic’ Sager…

Drummer from Mars…

The originals…

(all pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Links to the band: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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