LOUIE LOUIE – Sparkling Retro Garage Pop Debut Album ‘FRIEND OF A STRANGER’ Out Now…

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…


‘Friend Of A Stranger’ – debut album by LOUIE LOUIE


Who: “An all female rock ‘n’ roll band whose sound mixes 60’s soul, vintage rock and post punk. Their sound is at once youthful, mature, powerful and vulnerable. For live performances, Louie Louie utilizes the visual opportunities a stage invites, in part by performing in a growing wardrobe of handcrafted suits. They sing about current issues; they sing about love, about outer space, and about humanity. Though they are very obviously influenced by familiar sounds of the past, they’ve created something entirely unique and current
Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Score: this is a tremendously feel better record with an inventive mix of the best pop echoes of the sixties and this decade’s reborn DIY garage rock creativity. A sparkling cocktail of sensual harmonies, sultry organs, sparkling riffs and catching tunes for
different moods. From heavy-hearted, melodic melancholy to elevating jingle jangle
joy. Nostalgic glamor for romantic souls dancing the night away with this jukebox on…

LOUIE LOUIE: Facebook – Bandcamp

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