SOULWAX – Second Track ‘MISSING WIRES’ From New Album ‘FROM DEEWEE’…

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…


Belgian dance floor experts and 2 Many-samples-DJs aka Dewaele brothers are back with SOULWAX, their very first band when they hit the music scene way back in 1995. But no more explosive rock, no more cracking guitars for Stephen and David. Experimenting with electronics is their exciting game for several years now. They will release their new album FROM DEWEE on 24 March. MISSING WIRES is the second track they just shared from that new record. A rather smooth and relaxing electro pop song you can hum to all the way. Here’s the bouncy vibe …


The Ghent brothers will also hit the road this year: “With a specially designed stage set and seven touring members, including original band member Stefaan Van Leuven on bass guitar & synth, 3 drummers – Victoria Smith (Jamie T), Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura, MIXHELL), Blake Davies (Turbowolf), and Laima Leyton (MIXHELL) on synth and backing vocals, Soulwax are taking
a micro version of their DEEWEE studio on the road.”
The whole orchestra looks impressive…

SOULWAX: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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