Make Way For A New Committed Generation You Foolish Old JOHN LYDON… Here’s SISTERAY

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Last week JOHN LYDON, one of my and many’s favorite punk icons, said in a couple of interviews with a silly grin on his rotten face that he was a Nigel Farage and Donald Trump fan. Hello? What? Hello? I really couldn’t believe my ears and eyes. That fresh American citizen, who wants to sell another book again, is clearly in a desperate need for attention and started talking utter nonsense. It felt like the narcissistic punk grandfather lied to us from day one and came out of the closet after all these years to confess that deep down he’s a foolish right-wing sympathizer. The Los Angeles sun must have fried his bloody brain.

Goodbye Johnny! Hello SISTERAY! A vibrant London punk rock 4-piece with a disaffection towards the establishment and political elite. So much so, that guitarist Dan Connolly was asked to appear on BBC News and ITV along with The Independent, to voice his views on the recent Syria debate. My kinda of band. After a string of exciting singles since they formed in 2014, the group is now back with a powerful project entitled ’15 MINUTES’, inspired by the timeless Andy Warhol quote “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes“. The 5-track record will be out (vinyl/digital) on 14th April via Vallance Records. Here are two of the tracks. Vital guitar outbursts that will energize all your limbs instantly. Sisteray
is a furious and committed punk engine with the razor-sharp spirit of The Clash and the melodic catchiness of the Buzzcocks. Inspiring, stimulating and sharing a strong, positive message of unity in the end. We need bands like this… again!



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