Discover The Thunderous Power And Fierce Intensity Of Belgium’s Noisy Engine… IT IT ANITA

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Over the past few weeks I already did a couple of features, here on this blog, on this spectacular band’s new LP ‘AGAAIIN’ and their incredibly hammering power on and
off stage. IT IT ANITA is simply the most exciting live band of the moment – for my
ears and eyes – on this planet. Their storming psychedelic jams are hypnotizing and
their clamorous vocals are mind-twisting. They generate a stupendous thunder, on
and off the podium. This gang is a non-stop hard rockin’ force. A truly impressive, magnetizing and high-voltage Grand Prix bolide. HELL YEAH! Here are the clips for
two of the album’s slashing crackers. Turn It Up!…


25 (From Floor To Ceiling)

I’m sure you want the whole cake right now.
Here’s album AGAAIIN in full…

The madness last Thursday in Aarschot, Belgium (photos by Turn Up The Volume!)…

‘There’s goes the guitar’…


“Damn, I’m lost…”

‘Off stage is so much more fun’…

‘Wham Bam’….

“Smashing finale in the back of the venue”…

IT IT ANITA: Facebook – Twitter

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