SUEDE – Debut Single ‘THE DROWNERS’ Released 25 Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision…


‘The Drowners’ by SUEDE

After a bad start with Justine Frischmann on guitar – who came up with the band’s name and left frontman Brett Anderson and the group very soon for Blur‘s leader Damon Albarn, amazing guitarist Bernard Butler joined SUEDE and teamed up with Anderson to write the songs. And how! They appeared on the front cover of the former English magazine Melody Maker labeled as ‘The Best New Band In Britain‘ (1992) before they even released one note. record. The sudden press euphoria was based on their fresh and buzzing approach of pop music as well as their flashing charisma and sonic magnetism at gigs…

No more Madchester ecstasy, no more American macho grunge. Here was an incredibly ambitious, shiny and creative band with a different sound and a vibrant presence: sensual, adventurous, sexually ambiguous, romantic and gloomy at the same time. Oh yes, indeed, they were definitely inspired by their hero David Bowie and his provocative glam persona. Twenty-five years ago – 11 May 1992 – they released their debut single THE DROWNERS. The beginning of a new era, called Britpop, the rest is history…

Won’t someone give me a gun?
oh well it’s for my brother
well he writes the line wrote down my spine
It says “Oh do you believe in love there?”

So slow down, slow down, you’re taking me over
And so we drown, sir we drown, stop taking me over

Won’t someone give me some fun?
(and as the skin flies all around us)
We kiss in his room to a popular tune
Oh, real drowners

slow down, slow down, you’re taking me over
And so we drown, sir we drown,
stop takin’ me over!

SUEDE: Website – Facebook – Discography

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  1. jprobichaud · May 10, 2017

    25 years! Man, I remember when this track was released like it was yesterday.

    Liked by 1 person

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