PRIESTS – Barbed Wire High Mass Of Steamy Surf Punk In Sweaty Belgium…

PRIESTS – Trefpunt club – Ghent, Belgium – Sunday 28 May 2017

Sunday, bloody hot Sunday. In that cozy little club in the center of my hometown Ghent the temperature stroke all spectators as a merciless heat wave in a crowded sauna, yesterday. Why not just getting drunk outside? Because the awesome PRIESTS from Washington D.C. came to energize our sweaty bodies with some tremendously loud, sharply outspoken and whipping punk havoc. Pushed by a hammering rhythm section, spiced with some pretty bouncy surf guitar swagger and in the middle of it all the biting VOICE of charismatic frontwoman Katie Alice Greer. She has the glamorous touch of a teenage Debbie Harry, she rages like fury Courtney Love used to do 24/7 and at times her immense vehemence reminded me of the cutting intensity of the late, wonderful Poly Styrene (from 70s London punk band X-Ray Spex). Yes, folks, this dynamite performer turned the place into an even hotter oven! This clip will give you an idea why we all defied the heat…

And after releasing two tapes, a single, and an EP over the past few years PRIESTS finally released their debut album NOTHING FEELS NATURAL. Stream the frenzy here…

Also available on Bandcamp

“Listen up, Belgium…”

Surfin’ bird…

Attack mode…

PRIESTS: Website – Twitter

(concert pics: Turn Up The Volume)

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