THE HORRORS – Finally Back With New Highly Flamboyant Single ‘MACHINE’…

‘Machine’ by THE HORRORS

British darksome rockers THE HORRORS are finally back. Brand new single MACHINE is a slashing industrial knockout, like a boiling jam between Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode with a superb sonic result. Quite different in sound from anything The Horrors did before. A dazzling score! Press the button and taste the rattling force here…

The band is working on their fifth album. Bassist Rhys Webb said earlier about the new work in process: “We wanted to get back in there and get writing. We had a really busy year of touring, so we were ready to get working on new stuff. It’s just because time flies, and it moves so quickly and before you know it, it will be a couple of years between releases” And frontman Faris Badwan added: “Don’t ask me what it sounds like. I could say anything to you now and
it’d sound completely different by the time we finish it.”

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