Psych-o-delic Guitar Hysteria And A One Man Hammer Army – Meet… IT IT ANITA

Here’s my last month’s interview with noiseniks IT IT ANITA – it was first published on American website 50THIRDAND3RD (my fellow music junkies over the ocean)

I never thought I would ever say that several of the most fascinating noise bands on this troubled planet, right now, are from Belgium, my homeland. Just to name a few: La Jungle, Cocaine Piss, Mind Rays and Crowd Of Chairs. And the great thing is that they all differ in sound and vision. No copycats, they all have their own approach of clamorous havoc! Another gang that really stands out is IT IT ANITA. A three-headed riff monster backed
by a barbarous drummer. They’re one of the hottest live bands around. A scorching steamroller that messes up your mind and activates all your limbs. A psychedelic guitar bolide reinforced with a big bang hitman who always ends up somewhere in the middle of the crowd WITH his gear for a hammering finale. A mean machine producing a hypnotic wall-of-psych-o-delic racket. Intense noise rock at its very best. Let’s meet this 4-piece powerhouse and start the acquaintance with this short, but utterly cool Festival clip…

I guess we’re all in the ideal mood now for a chat…

What’s the story behind the band’s name?
IIAA: “It’s a long story. But this is basically a hallucination that Damien (note JL: one of the guitarists/screamers) had while watching a drums performance: he saw ‘it it anita‘ written
on a bass drum… of course ‘it it anita‘ was not written on it, but he liked the name!”

How would you describe your mind-blowing psych sound yourselves?
IIAA: “We like it loud and noisy. We don’t care about technique, we always focus on intensity.”

Intensity and insanity…

Share an unforgettable anecdote with us about the first rehearsals…
IIAA: “Someone knocked on our rehearsal room’s door. He said “I’ve heard you guys
have a new band, I’m looking for a support act, do you want to open for me next week in Liege (Belgium)?”
We said “yes, of course, that’s great man, thanks!” But… at that time we were only a 2-piece band, still looking for a drummer and a bass player! So we’ve asked two friends to join us for that show and that was our first line-up! We rehearsed a lot during
one week and that first show was not so bad.”

How easy/difficult is it to work with four noisemakers in one band? Is there any competition to be the loudest?
IIAA: “Not really. There’s no competition, the loudest is Bryan, our drummer!”


Any rituals before going on stage?
IIAA: “High five!”

Half of the band always ends up in the middle of the crowd when performing. Who influenced you with the idea to meet the fans eye-to-eye at concerts?
IIAA: “We were really impressed by the performance of Monotonix (note JL: a mad Israelian garage trio) during a gig at La Zone years ago. They moved their stuff all the time… great!”

Imagine a gig with ‘Monotonix’ and ‘It It Anita’ together on/off the same stage. Hallelujah!..

Newest album ‘Agaaiin’ is a high-voltage cracker with opener ’25 (FROM FLOOR TO CEILING)’ setting the crushing tone. How do you manage to produce that much intensity and decibels in a studio… without an audience?
IIAA: “Regarding sound, we trusted our producer John Agnello (note JL: an experienced professional who worked with a whole bunch of big names such as Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr. and Andrew WK). He knows his stuff and quickly understood what we needed.”

Did the band chop all those trees we see on the album’s front cover?
IIAA: “The thing is this is our 3rd record and, as you can see on the picture, there are
3 wheels under the trailer… so the circle is complete!”


You already have a loyal following of fans in Europe, but earlier this month
you played your first gig over the ocean, in Canada. Were you nervous?

IIAA: “Not nervous but very excited! FME in Rouyn-Noranda is such a cool festival.
And we found a booker!”

What was on the van’s stereo while driving through Neil Young’s country?
IIAA: “Metal, hip-hop and country music…”

Who’s your number one artist/band to go on a world tour with?
IIAA:A Place To Bury Strangers. To learn how to play even louder.”

‘A Place To Bury Strangers’ – loud, louder, loudest…

What movie would you choose to visualize your music on a big screen when playing?
IIAA: ‘Duel’, Steven Spielberg‘s debut movie”

DUEL – a truly nerve-raising thriller…

Shellac or Pigface?
IIAA: “Shellac.”

Nirvana or Pearl Jam?
IIAA: “Nirvana”

If you could travel in time what artist would you choose to jam with?
IIAA:Serge Gainsbourg. Because he’s a genius.”

Vinyl, cassette or compact disc?
IIAA: “All of these three formats are interesting…”

Social media: a blessing or a pain in the ass?
IIAA: ‘Pain in the ass.”

Best album you heard so far this year?
IIAA: A Deeper Understanding by The War On Drugs.”

Any new material in the pipeline?
IIAA: “Yep. A new single is coming very soon and the next record will be released in 2018…”

Is playing in a band actually the best job one can imagine?
IIAA: “That’s the most exciting job we know, and maybe the only one we’re able to do…”

Thank you for the interview, guys. See you soon agaaiin. May the road rise with It It Anita

Here’s the awesome AGAAIIN in full…

IT IT ANITA: Facebook – Twitter

(all concert pics ‘IIAA’ by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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