Daydreamers Of SOUVENIR DRIVER Deliver One Of The Most Gripping Guitar Pop Albums Of The Year…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


Time flies, 2017 progresses slowly but surely towards its end. So thoughts of ‘best albums of the year’ come to mind. One that will be definitely on my list is the fourth, self-titled LP by Portland dream pop experts SOUVENIR DRIVER, released last April. It’s an enrapturing work of epic splendor. Eight gripping masterstrokes where poetic guitar lines, melodic grandeur and delightful vocals meet and turn at times into moody rainbows, at times
into electrifying jams. Magnificent compositions, beautifully arranged and orchestrated, romanticized with shades of shoegaze melancholy and full of sterling emotions.

Guitarist/singer Nate Weye said earlier in an interview: “It’s an evolution, but also a step toward something more personal, vulnerable, and human. The main themes are inspired by relationships, nature, and strangely enough, turtles. Like the image of a parachuter which we use on our merchandise, the turtle exists between two worlds, is vulnerable yet strong. Most importantly, its movement, a slow, but straight vision — mirrored the length of time it took to write/record/and release this, something that at times tested our patience, but which we never questioned or judged.”

Here’s – to my ears – the shiniest diamond on the album…

Experience the beauty in full…

SOUVENIR DRIVER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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