THE MOONLANDINGZ – On A Sweet Steamy Saturn Of Their Own When They Hit Planet Earth…

Smashing live performances…

One of the most intriguing new bands in ages. One that makes you ecstatic, one that energizes your lazy limbs, one that messes up your mind, one that you’ll remember
when they’re gone. And yes, unfortunately, the following message on their FB-page announces the farewell of THE MOONLANDINGZ‘s first visit on earth, let by outlaw
Johnny Rocket. Let’s bloody hope they return again some day. We need weirdos like
them, otherwise, we’re condemned to eternal boredom… “Only one month to go before
we hit the road for one more lap of honour before we take a break from playing live for
a while and start thinking about writing another ‘groundbreaking’ pop record and to allow
your favourite glamorous psychedelic pop hero, Johnny Rocket, to revert back to Lias Saoudi and the next exciting phase of the Fat White Family adventure.”

Let’s celebrate this outlandish combo once
more before they return to their lunar crater.

THE MOONLANDINGZ: Website – Facebook – Twitter

The good news is I saw them live twice…

Paradiso, Amsterdam – 26 April…

Dour Festival Belgium – 14 July…

One of the best 2017 albums – INTERPLANETARY CLASS CLASSICS – here on  Spotify

Now, I’ll prepare myself mentally for the return of the best band on this troubled planet…


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