Garage Blues Rebels With A Noisy Cause – Meet… J.D. HANGOVER

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

Band: J.D. HANGOVER (London,UK)
Who: two sultry blues inspired mortherrockers who “sat in a room with an old friend,
a 1972 Roland TR77 electronic drummer and a 8 tracks 1″ tape Studer recorder. They drank, played music, listened to Alan Vega and Lightnin’Hopkins and they created a sort of alter ego.
A man with no birthplace and no country, who didn’t have ties with anyone but his music.
They called him James Dean Hangover”

Sound: a smoking melting pot, containing a raw dosage of early 60s blues delirium, a poisonous portion of Dr. John‘s voodoo turbulence, a bleeding touch of the Gun Club‘s tortured past and some mystifying blackness. Nasty, damnable, hallucinating and so perfectly out of tune. Beware, as Halloween is approaching, good old mean Satan is on
his way to your town to steal your sinful soul while listening to these garage blues rebels on his brand new, black iPod. You should too otherwise the evil Diabolus will crush your front door and force you himself to listen to J.D. Hangover‘s demonic EP. C’mon, hurry,
play it very loud and pray…

J.D. HANGOVER: Facebook –  Twitter – Label: Annibale Records

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