HELSINKI – Belgian Motherrockers Turn The Heat On With Fiery Debut Ripper… ‘SHIVER AND SHAKE’

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


3 November 2017

Three reasons for me to love this inflammable combo called HELSINKI. First: they’re
from my hometown Ghent (Belgium, not Finland, you smartasses out there). Two: the
cool picture for this debut single’s sleeve was taken in my all-time favorite club in Europe: Paradiso, Amsterdam. Three: the first two reasons wouldn’t actually matter at all if this 4-cylinder engine didn’t burn as nasty and fierce as it does from start to finish on this horny stroke. SHIVER AND SHAKE activates my lazy limbs, makes me yell the catching chorus out loud and inspires me to learn to play air guitar again for the umpteenth time. Yes, hungry folks, here’s some thunderous RAWK ‘N’ ROLL spiced with tons of electrifying riffs, a sultry dose of Jon Spencer Blues dirtiness, a slice of Afghan Whigs energy and some Little Barrie dynamics. Voice/guitarist Thomas Vanelslander, who’s been around for some time playing with several big-name artists, told me that the track is about attraction, love, lust, nightlife, going straight on while moving diagonally. In my dictionary, it sounds more like: “trying to have sex after an almost lethal dose of booze”. Whatever, here’s some heated electricity to test your speakers’ flexibility. Rattle & hum loudly, here comes the steamroller…

HELSINKI: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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