To Hell With Blue Mondays – Go Completely Mental With THE FRANKLYS And Their Knockout Fireball ‘KEEPER’…

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the face…

6 November 2017


As a male feminist myself I’m thrilled to see/hear so many girls bands, such as Pins, Dream Nails, Madonnatron, deux furieuses, and several more stepping up in the UK to kick some macho men’s asses. After more than two thousands years of masculine domination, the time is perfectly right for a female revolution with a LOUD & CLEAR rock and roll artillery as its sonic weapon. One of the roaring best of the colorful pack are THE FRANKLYS. A London-based 4-piece mean machine who released boiling debut longplayer ‘Are You Listening’ last May. Recently the band launched a swirling video for blasting third single KEEPER. After a menacing bass/drum intro singer Jennifer Ahlkvist‘s magnetizing vox
comes on accompanied by ferocious guitars. Suddenly this hypnotizing knockout gets nastier, sharper and really hot-blooded. Wham Bloody Big Bam! Cutting masterstroke! Beware, folks, they got their eyes on you, here’s the fireball…

I knew you wanted more after you experienced this vital power.
Here’s some more dynamite to go completely bananas…

THE FRANKLYS: Website – Facebook –Twitter

Available on Apple Music

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