Legend PETER PERRETT Enchants Brussels With Touching Love Songs And Electrifying Passion…

PETER PERRETT – Botanique, Brussels – 17 November 2017

Despite the fact that British legends THE ONLY ONES emerged in the explosive, but quite short era of punk and new wave their characteristic, amplified power guitar pop brilliance
hadn’t much to do with the revolutionary DIY scene at the time. The London band featured bloody good, experienced musicians and with Peter Perrett, their charismatic frontman and singer/songwriter they had a troubled genius who wrote black-pitch stories about death, drugs addiction, and tormented love that hit countless souls. His dark desire for
all sorts of tragic human themes was obviously inspired/caused by his heroin abuse.
His intriguing, melancholic voice matched their dazzling, electrical melodies hauntingly perfect. The band released three albums –  Even Serpents Shine is my all time favorite – between 1976-1982 and scored a knockout classic single with ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ back in 1978…

Enough about last century. Back to the present. Last June, the now 65-year-old Perrett released his first proper solo album ‘How The West Was Won’. Simply the most touching record I heard all year. A highly affecting work of moody passion with several emotional songs about his eternal love for his wife of many years, Zena, but also gripping musings about his turbulent past and striking reflections on his current state of mind. Overall this soul-stirring longplayer is about the one and only essential drug in life: LOVE.

Yesterday the man landed in Brussels. Assisted by a splendiferous 5-piece ‘children‘ band, featuring two of his sons and two cool ladies (electric violin/keys & tambourine/keys), Perrett moved us all intensely with a striking performance for heart and soul. Of course, they played that Only Ones masterstroke but this spellbinding concert was mostly about now, about how Perrett feels today, about ‘How The West Was Won’ and that is something quite special. From amplified lullabies to mind-blowing jams led by brilliant guitarist Jamie Perrett taking the jubilant audience to an ecstatic level. And yes, the veteran’s magnetic voice is still spot on and, most remarkably, he enjoyed every single second of the entire show and looks really like a genuinely happy survivor, still highly capable of enrapturing people, off and on stage. Unlike the late Johnny Thunders once sang ‘You Can’t Put Your
Arms Around a Memory’
I’ll embrace this memorable evening forever…

Here’s the magnificent HOW THE WEST WAS WON in full…

PETER PERRETT: Website – Facebook

Guitar hero… Jamie Perrett

Belgian tambourine girl…

Mesmeric violin…

Father and son on bass..

Intimate encouter of the magical kind…


Thank you for signing my treasure, Mister Perrett…

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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