Philadelphia’s DIY Pyschobilly Duo INSTANT SMILE Will Give You A ‘SPECTACULAR TIME’…

Sonic vibrations that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…


29 November 2017


Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Who: husband-wife duo, with guitarist Greg Phoenix producing an unmistakable twang
that he honed picking on his 1963 Guild Starfire in rockabilly bands early on, he was also
in New Jersey-based psychobilly outfit ‘Speed Crazy’. Spouse Erin took up sitting behind the kit at the inception of the duo back in 2013 after being vocalist in various bands…

Track: SPECTACULAR TIME – It’s the pair’s 3rd single of the year. They took timely inspiration from Guy Debord’s 1967 book The Society Of The Spectacle (a Marxist philosophy critique), contemplating the pervasive obsession with ‘the image’, which has grown exponentially since Paris 1967 with modern social platforms and technology. From the first riff beginnings, to the mastering, to the final video edit, the entire package was created by themselves in their own house…

Score:Spectacular Time‘ is a seducing, teasing and flashy psychobilly resonance, sounding actually like sonic foreplay. Lyrically it reflects today’s grim reality perfectly, it emphasises the troubled times we live in. I guess the orgasm will not be as euphoric as we expected. Here are the images

You’re watching the great decline
You can’t even close your eyes
for a minute just in case the lies start to fly
and one might get by
The next thing you know, it’s all done
Ten seconds of fame, and there you are alone again

The spectacle now abounds
We walk with a lonely crowd
Our pictures the only thing left that’s allowed
No waking up now
The next thing is here, we’re all done
Two minutes of fame, then here we are alone again

What you’re looking for, you’ll never find
What you’re searching for, you’ll never find
What you’re waiting for, you’ll never find

Machinery’s all in place
Real life gone without a trace
of the actions that made us who we used to be
It’s all what we see
and not what we do, that’s all done
A lifetime of fame, but still we’re all alone again
And what good is fame, when only images remain

INSTANT SMILE: More smiles on Bandcamp – Facebook

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