SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 48…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven way-out strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven charged tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Doppler’ by CIRCO BOIA (Grosseto, Italy)
This rowdy kick-ass Italian duo roars fiercely! ‘Doppler‘ is a mighty rockin’ trash drone with charismatic singer Erika Fassari spitting furiously like a young, badmouthed Courtney Love. A raw power ripper from brand new album ‘CIRCOBOAI’ – stream/buy here on Bandcamp.

CIRCO BOIA: Facebook – Label: Wiener Records

2/ ‘Wasted Youth’ by ANNIE TAYLOR (Zurich, Switserland)
Here’s a girl fronted garage grunge gang describing themselves as ‘a rusty dog searching
for his bone in the expanding universe’
. A hungry and energetic beast it is. This thunderous stroke will make your tail go completely gaga. No time to waste, follow your sonic nose…

ANNIE TAYLOR: Facebook – Instagram – ‘Wasted Youth’ available on Bandcamp

3/ ‘O’Caledonia by THE JUST JOANS (Motherwell, Scotland)
Scottish ‘life is a fairy tale‘ cynicism wrapped in amplified guitar pop snappiness with an irresistible chorus and choir-like siblings harmonies. It’s gonna be a swinging Xmas in hell this year, folks. From brand new album ‘You Might Be Smiling Now’ – all info on Bandcamp

THE JUST JOANS: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Weak’ by BLUSHING (Austin, Texas, US)
A bewitching dream pop rainbow sonically colored with angelic vocals and sparkling guitar sequences. A gloomy, melodic pearl glowing like a shiny disco ball in the dark. Delightful track from the band’s sophomore EP – out 18 January 2018 – all info here on Bandcamp.

BLUSHING: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

5/ ‘Sons Of Rage’ by THE DECREES (Dunfermlinen Scotland)
Here’s some Celtic folk inspired pop punk catchiness fueled with festive horns. A vital scream along earworm that will charge your deflated batteries instantly. This euphoric banger is on their 4-track EP ‘Screams From Suburbia’ – available here on Google Play.

THE DECREES: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

6/ Glass Floors by VVYNN (Aalst, Belgium)
Fascinating Belgian trio generating powered pop electricity reminding me of the wonderful Throwing Muses. Passionate vocals, glimmering guitars and a vivacious, pushing rhythm engine. A winning cut from their new 4-track EP ‘LUX’ – available here on Google Play.

VVYNN: Facebook – Bandcamp – You Tube

7/ ‘Miles’ by SHORE (Swindon, UK)
Blissfull pop melancholia for heart and soul with wistful, yet luminous Interpol guitar scintillations. From the band’s 5-track EP ‘From The Start’ – check out here on Bandcamp .

SHORE: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

See/hear you, next week, music junkies…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here Are Hot Rip-Roaring Kraut Rockers… KORTO

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the face…

From France here are motorik space rockers KORTO with opening track HOT ROCK from their self-titled debut record. It’s a mind-twisting kraut rock groove that, after a short soft intro, explodes instantly in your earphones. A sonic hotrod that will infiltrate your inner psyche without asking permission. A hell-raising jam going on like forever. Again and again. Fantastique! Brain-stirring stuff made to mess up your poor head. Perfect slam! Start your week with this rip-roaring sonic express…

KORTO: Facebook – Label: Six Tonnes De Chair Records

Debut record KORTO – stream/purchase here on Bandcamp .

All The Way From Indonesia Here’s Fuzzing One-Man Band… GROW RICH

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


Ladies and gents, please welcome the first ever Indonesian musician on this blog. After playing in a few Jakarta groups Abdur Rahim Latada aka GROW RICH decided to go solo.
He writes, sings and plays several instruments all by himself – except for the drums- the banging is done by a professional. He finances the whole recording process and is his own promoter and marketer. Don’t expect traditional Indonesian music or related roots vibes, as this talented youngster is influenced by some of the coolest Western motherrockers
on the planet. From the Ramones to Primal Scream and many other rollin’ noiseniks from the past. His debut single CASH TO KYODO shows you exactly where his sonic muse is coming from. The blazing track is about having faith in yourself, working hard and ignoring all negative environmental factors around you in order to achieve your dream. Here’s the cracker sounding like The Jesus and Mary Chain having a voltaic shoegaze jam with Weezer. Press the button and experience the bosting score…

GROW RICH: Facebook –  Twitter

Cash to Kyodo with b-side Cirrus The Virus available here on Bandcamp

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – Magnetizing ‘CALL THE POLICE’ Performance On British TV…

Towering live performances…

Band: LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – James Murphy‘s band
Where: BBC’s ‘Later With… Jools Holland‘ live show
When: 26 September 2017
Score: Murphy‘s comeback after 5 years with his ‘American Dream‘ album isn’t a cash-in affair, absolutely not. His 4th longplayer is his best ever! And ‘Call The Police‘ is one of my favourite 5-stars tracks. A magnetizing corker that will twist your head 360. Bingo…

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Website – Facebook – Instagram

AMERICAN DREAM out now – here on Spotify


When we can’t get enough of it…

24 November 2017

Although I’m not religious I’m quite sure now that there’s, somewhere, somehow, a God and he’s obviously an obsessed music devotee! First, back in the early 90s, he gave us OASIS, one of the most exhilarating ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll bands in sonic history. After two top-grade albums (unfortunately, they never matched those two diamonds, simply because ‘Definitely, Maybe‘ and ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ were/are outstanding longplayers) Satan took over and made the Gallagher brothers fight like two 7-year old loudmouthed bullies resulting in the group AND the family splitting up back in 2009. But today God is back in charge and he used one of the devil’s classic tricks himself. The holy man nourished the fraternal rivalry again, but with a completely different goal.
No more verbal abuse, no more hostile insults, no God presented them a most tempting challenge, one really worthwhile to battle for: ‘who will make the best solo album? Brilliant idea!! Why I here you ask. Well, both bros accepted the seducing dare and they pushed each other to spectacular sonic levels. Liam‘s first ‘As You Were’ is light years better than
I ever thought it would be. Highly entertaining retro rock and quality songwriting: 8/10. Today it’s Noel turn to prove that he can grow older while sounding younger than he
ever did in a long time. Back to his firework roots, back to massive tunes and scream
along choruses, back to utterly cool motherrockin’ knockout crackers: 9/10. Yes Noel
wins, but hey, he was born a singer/songwriter, while Liam needed to learn the craft
along the rowdy way and succeeded amazingly. So, who still needs Oasis (I don’t, I saw them 27 times)? Within less than 2 months, 2 Gallaghers gave us 2 big albums. That’s way more than another mediocre Oasis record. Thank you, God ! It’s party time, folks…

NOEL GALLAGHER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Gold for Noel…

Silver for Liam, not bad at all…

LIAM GALLAGHER: Website – Facebook – Instagram


Memorable live performances…

23 November 2017

(photo: Turn Up The Volume! Brussels – 2014)

Last Tuesday one of the most genuine, most honest and most flamboyant rock gangs on
this troubled planet played Belgium again. Yes, BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB came
to play new album ‘Wrong Creatures’ and more in Antwerp. I had my ticket from the day
the concert was announced. But due to an endless, massive traffic jam – a truck lost his dangerous freight on the highway – I didn’t even arrived in Antwerp. From the moment
I realized I couldn’t be in time at all for the show I returned utterly disappointed back home. As I’ve seen B.R.M.C several times before I knew what I missed. Bloody bad luck,
for me and many other fans who experienced the same shit. To comfort us all here’s
their first ever big knockout from 2001 performed live in Austin, Texas in 2013…

BRMC: Website – Facebook – Tour Dates

New album WRONG CREATURES out 12 January 2018 – all info here.

New York’s THE ROYAL THEY Return With Mind-Crashing Single ‘SLUDGEFUCKER’..

Sonic rippers that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…


23 November 2017

Who: three awesome noiseniks out of The Big Apple…
Track: SLUDGEFUCKER – first dynamite single from sophomore LP ‘Foreign Being
Score: this scalding punk knockout will make your limbs move uncontrollably. Oh, yeah, ‘Sludgefucker‘ is a rambunctious outburst that will nail you to the floor. Messed-up sonic havoc to test your ears’ decibel receptivity and your neighbour’s tolerance limit. Smacking drums, deranged guitars and ‘fuck off‘ vocals. Perfect flare-up to go totally mental to…

THE ROYAL THEY: Facebook – Instagram

FOREIGN BEING – album out 13 January, 2018 – All info here on Bandcamp.