TRASHMOUTH RECORDS Brings You CHUPA CABRA And NO FRIENDZ – So Much Cheaper Than Therapy…

Sonic havoc hat thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

11 January 2018

Independent London label TRASHMOUTH RECORDS does a fantastic job for humanity. They prevent musical talented youngsters from going too soon into psychiatry by giving them a chance to put records out and at the other end, we – who survive only on dazzling alternative music with a twisted edge – do not need to pay big money for therapy as long as there’s enough crazed stuff coming our way. In bloody marketing terms they call this a win-win relation. Whatever. Here are two bands doing it together with a big bang. CHUPA CABRA and NO FRIENDZ will release a split LP soon. And you can taste the first medicine for free, right here, right now…

‘Bloody Love’ by NO FRIENDZ
A catchy left-right kick about urban vampire dating (See? I told you! Straitjacket punk)

Venice & Mars by CHUPA CABRA
Barbed wire punk beat stroke about men & women (See? I told you! An alien band name)

Check more wicked artists saved by TRASHMOUTH RECORDS here on BANDCAMP.
Don’t forget, like-minded folks: 2 thrashmouths a day keeps the creepy doctor away!

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