INDIAI – Urban Paranoia Leads To Mechanical Love While Hitting A Chair…

INDIAI – Nest, Ghent, Belgium – 19 January 2018

Two days ago, on 17 January 1977, I was in the legendary CBGB club in New York. To be honest, I was actually in a cozy venue, called NEST, in my hometown Ghent (Belgium), the day before yesterday, not 41 years ago. But the band on stage gave me an idea of what happened those days in The Big Apple when unknown, eccentric bands such as Talking Heads, Television and Pere Ubu were busy writing new wave history without realizing it. INDIAI are a 4-headed Belgian back-to-the-future band who looks, sounds and acts like the aforementioned legends. Weird, nerdy, basic, primitive, unworldly, curious and bloody THRILLING. Fronted by a Woody Allen look-a-like (before he started chasing young girls), who moved strangely, as if he just jumped out of a straitjacket and hit a chair, now and then, with a drumstick (and also threatened to strike the crowd with that very same stick) while shouting urban paranoia stuff and making mechanical love on stage with mystery guest singer Eva sounding like this…

I guess you get my drift by now. Oh yes, I love this ‘who cares what others think as long as
we can do our own crazy thing’
attitude. And thank you, guys, it was great to be in New York again, for about 35 minutes. You should definitely try their 7-track debut record SEMINAL HEIST and get yourself a glorious back-in-time experience. Get the beat here…

Get the pictures here…


This is what making mechanical love looks like

First the chair…

Then the crowd…

INDIAI: Facebook

(all concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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