PICK OF THE DAY – Vibrant British Newcomers SWOON Will Make You Feel Free With ‘CAGE’…

Daily fuel load your sonic batteries…

23 January 2018

Roots: Brighton, UK
Who: “an electronic pop band hailing from the buzzing seaside town of Brighton, UK. They’re a group of music-obsessives who met in the summer of 2017 at a lonely hearts night. However, they didn’t fancy each other, so decided to form a band instead.”
Track: CAGE – only their 2nd track
SCORE: this mighty synths explosion, alternated with some short reflective moments,
is spiced fiercely with hot-blooded vocals and draws a burning trace from start to finish. No entrapment for these inflammable newcomers. Big sound, rad vox, knockout score. Launch this firecracker right now right here, turn up the heat and feel free…

SWOON: Facebook – Twitter – Spotify

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