PICK OF THE DAY – Melbourne’s BABY BLUE With New Mantra ‘FIRE AND ICE’…

Daily fuel load your sonic batteries…

24 January 2018

Base: Melbourne, Australia
Who: “From what began as a solo project for Rhea Caldwell, ‘Baby Blue’ quickly evolved into a rocking, rollicking four-piece spanning 60’s rock, folk, surf and pop featuring members of CB3, Coastbusters and 19th Century Strongmen. Guitarist Fabian Hunter’s joyful and elaborate fretwork complements Caldwell’s ear for melody whilst drummer Nathanael Riley’s and bassman Dave Mudie’s playful beats lock the audience’s hips’n’feet to the swinging groove.”
Score: this mind-expanding mantra-like daydream sticks immediately. Its catchy swagger, its addictive beat, its 60s psychedelic guitars, its 8 miles high vocals and the mind-tickling sitar sound gets you in a totally different mood. Somewhere up there, in the starry-eyed sky. But, beware, it won’t last forever. It all ends in the end. Here’s FIRE AND ICE

I am vacant
you are vacant
dreamily vacant

tell me all of your secrets
I’ll tell you mine

Fire and Ice

We are one
but we are two
you and me
me and you

say goodbye to your future
do what you like

It all ends in the end

Fire and Ice

It all ends in the end

BABY BLUE: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

FIRE AND ICE: out February 2, 2018 / Written by: Rhea Caldwell & Baby Blue / Lead Vocals & Guitar: Rhea Caldwell / Lead Guitar: Fabian Hunter / Bass Guitar: Dave Mudie / Drums: Nathanael Riley / Vocals & Sitar: Sarita Mcharg

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