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1 February 2018

I just love the guts of these London newcomers called REVOLVERS. In lead track YOUR INDIE HEROES WILL BETRAY YOU – from their fresh 5-track debut EP – they attack artists, with smart lyrical references, who sold out after giving their early fans the euphoric feeling they had a tight bond back when they formed and played pubs. Remember Arctic Monkeys and Stone Roses when they hit the scene first? Exhilarating, uncompromising, open-minded and totally approachable. And today? Alex Turner became a sort of fashion model and got himself an Elvis haircut to crack the American market with Arctic Monkeys and the Stone Roses played fucking Wembley last summer. Yes, indie stars who turned into a product, into a brand, into fake moneymakers, surrounded by corporate label sharks, merciless managers and adored for the wrong reasons by the corporate press, like bloody hype machine NME. I don’t care that they make money, they work hard for it. But becoming
a prostitute, a puppet and a phony to get all the luxury in the world really stinks. If you
are a young music devotee and you want to see/meet major-league bands these days you need to rob a bank in order to pay a mega expensive VIP-package. Long Live Rock and Roll! I don’t think so! Try ‘Revolvers‘ instead. These youngsters are exhilarating, uncompromising, open-minded, totally approachable, write clever songs, swing big time and do not lick anybody’s arse (STAY THAT WAY!)…

Want some more exciting indie intensity?
Here’s REVOLVERS’ debut EP in full…

REVOLVERS: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

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