Easy Or Not! Cracking Garage Punk Junkies RODA LITS Turned Up The Heat In The Enlightened City Of Ghent…

RODA LITS – Kinky Star, Gent, Belgium – 1 February 2018

Although they’re making havoc for about 2 and half years I never heard of RODA LITS before. Four sonic junkies out of Antwerp, who came to my hometown Ghent with the
firm intention to leave a memorable, rumbustious mark. My, oh my, what a storming acquaintance it was. Led by an overshadowing frontman who reminded me of a young David Byrne back in the days when he moved on stage like a schizophrenic nutcase while producing vocal yowls coming straight out of a horror movie, this forceful 4-headed unit flashed and thundered big time. Generating a mix of electrifying neurotic disorder and sweltering garage rock firework with a Lux Interior shriek here and there. Pushed by a rumbling drums/bass tandem and fueled with relentless guitar frenzy they turned the
heat up in a crowded city enjoying an outside Light Festival. And I have some cracking noise proof to back up my euphoric mood. Here’s the hot burning squad’s newest EP…

RODA LITS: Facebook / Label: Belly Button Records

Hell yeaahhhh…

Dazzling electricity…

Ready to go up again

Dance, dance to the radio

(All pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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