PICK OF THE DAY – Philly Rock Tandem ‘INSTANT SMILE’ Drops New ‘2 in 1’ Single ‘VANISH’ Today…

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2 February 2018

Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Who: husband-wife duo, with guitarist Greg Phoenix producing an unmistakable twang that he honed picking on his 1963 Guild Starfire in rockabilly bands early on, he was also in New Jersey-based psychobilly outfit ‘Speed Crazy’. Spouse Erin took up sitting behind the kit at the inception of the duo back in 2013 after being the vocalist in various bands
Track: VANISH – brand new single
Score: The first half of this quite special new track electrifies you with a kind of ‘forth-and-back’ groove and after the symphonic bridge, the chill-out sequence comes as a ‘what the fuck is going on ‘ surprise. An intriguing experience indeed. One you’ll repeat immediately…

Drummer/co-singer Erin explains what happened: “It started with me singing “doo doo
doos” into my phone voice recorder walking to the train, and evolved into our most expansive sounding song to date. It’s almost two songs in one, with heavy influences from Blue Cheer and Yes. Some you might recognize, and some may just exist in our heads. I bought Greg a MEL-9 pedal for his birthday. We have neither the technical aptitude nor the desire for heavy lifting that a real Mellotron would require, ha. I’m sure Rick Wakeman would understand
(note TUTV: Wakeman was the famous keyboardist of legendary prog rockers YES who, btw, I will see next month in Belgium).

Here we go…

INSTANT SMILE: ‘Vanish” and more available on Bandcamp – Facebook

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