PICK OF THE DAY! Amplified Aussie Trio HOUSEHATS With New Headspinning Bolide ‘STOP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 February 2018

Base: Norway/Australia
Who: “A post-millennial malaise come to life spitting and kicking at life’s frustrations and moribund fantasies, like a Noah Baumbach movie hooked up to a busted car battery, but still imbued with a resilient spirit that refuses to stay down.”
Pick: STOP – brand new single
Score: Here’s an unstoppable and unbroken noise bolide that infiltrates your bloodstream from the first buzzing chord on. This Aussie trio produces speedy jingle jangle electricity driven by an incessant drum/bass beat, charged slacker guitars and a feverish stream of words. Sickly catchy and mighty head-spinning. Press the button and jump on this sonic express…

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